Sunday, May 26, 2013


I'm not even really sure what to say in this one to be honest.
Mostly I'm just trying to bore myself into falling asleep.

So much has been happening lately. And the last time I posted was shortly after the new year. Wow, it's been a while.
Since I last posted I have lost close to 30 pounds, gained plenty of muscle and have (for the most part) managed to keep my New Year's resolution going strong. Being healthy is one of the best things about my life right now. I feel stronger, more vibrant than I have in a long, long time.
The other best thing about my life is my boyfriend. :) We have been together happily (and sometimes not-so-happily lol) for a little over a year now. He makes me laugh and cry. He makes me crazy, but he also makes me think. He treats me well always, and even though he isn't very good at telling me how he feels he knows how to show it. :)
The two best things in my life are actually sort of becoming one thing in a way. My boyfriend absolutely loves to work out, and his passion for it led him to participate in a course to become a personal trainer. Man am I ever lucky! My boyfriend can keep me motivated to work out, to eat healthy and can help me lead an even healthier lifestyle.

Also, I am making plans for my second tattoo. I think I mentioned the first one in a post at some point in time. I know there are many people who disapprove of tattoos and then there are also many people who love them. My parents don't approve, but I admit to being one of the people that love and appreciate the artwork and skill it takes to do them. Although, there are always some tattoos that I really have to question. I mean really, who wants to see a wrinkly Elmo on your hip or something when you grow older? I know I don't. Personally, I feel that a tattoo should have some meaning behind it. But that is for myself personally. My boyfriend has tattoos on either arm (one of which is not yet finished) and has already made plans to complete his half-sleeves as well as a tattoo for his back. The latter one (his back) is the one that has a personal meaning to him and to me, that is the best reason to even bother getting one. Of course my opinion is not the same as everyone else's and I know that you might have a different opinion. And I respect that.

Well... I don't think I've got anything else to say... So good night!